Your future starts here.

Above all, working at Klauke involves being versatile. That is why we offer you more than 10 training opportunities in the technical, sales and IT sectors. Become a member of our team and show us what you can do. What to expect: a fair salary, diverse tasks and a great sense of team spirit.

Student placement: we have answers to your questions!

Do you know what you want to do after school? Training or studies? Workshop or office? During your placement we will find out together where your strengths lie and which profession best suits you. As a student, you will have the chance to set the course for your further academic and professional career during your mandatory or voluntary work placement. A student placement usually takes place during school time, a voluntary placement during the holidays.

Have we sparked your interest? Then talk to your teachers and your parents and apply to us. An application that reaches us between two and six months in advance of the placement will stand a good chance at being accepted. Ideally, you should also state in your application documents whether you want to complete your placement in the technical, sales, or IT area.

What should you do after school? How about training!

As part of a 2 - 3 ½-year training course, you will learn on a level playing field with other school students, trainees and university students about the tasks in your chosen field. It's not just your own apprenticeship projects that are completed in a team, you also master the lessons in the vocational school together.

Our training model: We rely on experience-based learning! You are not learning to pass the training course, but for your future career with us. Along the way you will gain knowledge and skills that will be valuable throughout your life.

Technical jobs

Do you like using your hands and your head when you work? Do you like to solve tricky tasks and can easily imagine complex processes? Perfect! With a technical education you lay a solid foundation for your professional future.

As part of our technical training in our brand new training workshops you are given the opportunity to acquire the basic technical skills you will need for your future career. Here you can learn at your own pace and fully develop your enthusiasm for technology.

Our technical training professions: find your dream job!

Commercial professions

If something requires planning, do you prefer to take care of it yourself? Do you like dealing with people, are communicative, organised and good at maths? You might be interested in commercial training then!

In the commercial area you might work in material purchasing, in bookkeeping or you take care of our customers in the sales department. You make sure everything runs smoothly and the numbers add up. As an apprentice with us you will be working on projects from an early stage and assume responsibilities for tasks that will help you grow professionally.

Our commercial training professions: find your dream job!


IT professions

Some people sit helplessly lost in front of their PCs, but you find it really exciting. You do not accept that things do not work. IT is your passion and even when it comes to complex programming, you stay calm and collected. Have you ever thought about pursuing training in the IT area?

As an IT person, your work is service-oriented, i.e. you take pride in solving your colleagues' IT problems so they can work on daily tasks more efficiently. Because without modern IT in place at all workplaces and functioning networks, nothing works for us. We also need IT expertise for our products.

In the IT area, you could, for example, keep everything running in-house and adapt hardware and software to different requirements.. You are involved in projects at an early stage and get to know all aspects of a service-oriented job.

Our IT training professions: find your dream job now!

IT training professions at Klauke
IT specialist for system integration training (m/f/o)
IT specialist for application development training (m/f/o)

What should you do after school? How about a dual study course!

Combine theory and practice with the dual study course in mechanical engineering. In partnership with Bochum University (Velbert/Heiligenhaus campus) or the University of Wuppertal and the Industry Vocational Training Centre (BZI) in Remscheid, we offer a dual study programme in mechanical engineering.

The contents of the course and the vocational part in the company are perfectly coordinated. You are employed by the company throughout your training and study period. That way you can apply what you have learned during your studies to practical situations. You will receive a training allowance based on the collective wage agreement of the metal industry and further costs (semester fees, book costs etc.) will also be borne by us. 

This is how we are able to offer you a Bachelor's degree with practical experience in 4 or 4 ½ years. Once you pass, you will not only have attained a Bachelor's degree, you will also have a vocational qualification in a metal-processing trade (e.g. industrial technician or toolmaker). At the end of the fourth semester, you will sit the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) examination. With this you earn your first professional qualification. The last four semesters are devoted mainly to your studies.