Crimping of wire end sleeves with the Klauke Micro
Crimping of wire end sleeves
With the newly designed wire end sleeve crimping inserts, you crimp wire end sleeves with optimum pull-out values. The square compression moulding process allows for easy insertion into ports and terminals. The cross-sectional range is from 0.5 to 50 mm².
Crimping of cable lugs and crimp cable lugs with the Klauke Micro
Crimping of cable lugs and crimp cable lugs
The inserts of the 50 series are suitable for tubular cable lugs in standard design, for compression cable lugs according to DIN, as well as for crimp cable lugs. This means that you can press everything up to 25mm² with just one tool.
The new cutting die from the Klauke Micro
The new cutting die
We now also have the brand new practical cutting insert for the Klauke micro, which can be used in the old proven way, like the press inserts. This cutting insert is designed in such a way that cutting copper, aluminium and steel strips is easy.
The revolutionary PowerSense technology,
PowerSense technology
The revolutionary PowerSense technology,
What makes the Klauke micro so unique is its innovative operating concept with PowerSense function.

The pre-clamping is done manually - with the accustomed precision and speed of a mechanical crimping tool. The crimping process as such is fully automatic using the power of the integrated motor.

A real crimping innovation in the cross-sectional range to 50 mm².
Easy on the nerves  – in the truest sense
Micro is easy on the nerves
Easy on the nerves  – in the truest sense
The enormous relief to nerves and muscles thanks to the PowerSense function pays off, especially when you consider the potential costs of employee absence e.g. due to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Less overload phenomena
  • Fewer absences and schedule delays
  • Greater planning reliability for everyone
Frequent manual crimping: eventually leads to an overstraining in the wrist and under arm region.

Motorised crimping with innovative PowerSense function: ensures optimised efficiency with less straining and minimum risk to health.
Our versatile applications at a glance
Micro inserts
Our versatile applications at a glance
Whether pressing cable lugs, crimp cable lugs, wire end sleeves, twin wire end sleeves, insulated cable connections, non-insulated flat plug connections or even cutting applications. All this can be done using one tool.

The versatile inserts make the Klauke micro an absolute all-rounder.

Crimping dies series 50