Your final dissertation/internship at Klauke – Time to realise your ideas

Will you be writing your Bachelor's or Master’s dissertation soon? But don’t want your work to end up on a shelf gathering dust? In that case, we recommend writing your dissertation at Klauke. It would be fantastic if the driverless transport system you are writing about in your dissertation then becomes a permanent element of our production, or the working time model that you have developed goes on to increase our company’s efficiency. 

As a student at Klauke, you will become a valuable member of the team from day one and be involved in challenging issues. As part of your dissertation, you will also be given the opportunity to support a project from beginning to end. 

The practical experience that you gain from us will provide you with the best possible foundation for a successful start to your career once you have finished studying.You will get to know how Klauke works as an employer and will receive a fair salary. Many of our students later join us as employees. So it’s worth giving it your full commitment.

You will need to spend at least three months with us to complete a dissertation or an internship. During this time you will have a personal mentor to guide you. Your mentor will be able to answer any questions you may have about the company and help with any technical questions on your dissertation. Apart from this, you will quickly come to realise that everyone in our team will be happy to help you.

Joining us as a placement student

A work placement is beneficial for you as we invest in your personal development. By working for us you gain practical experience, which will help you start a career after your studies and get your bearings in your job.

Depending on which department you choose to work in, you could be working in the R&D department on new products, helping the marketing team prepare for a trade fair, or developing a new SAP-aided classification system for tools in production. 

Why is working at Klauke so much fun? Because at Klauke we’re always on the move. Every day we are working on new, better solutions for our customers. Solutions that establish good connections and make working in multiple industries simpler and more secure. You’ll be involved in meetings and decision-making processes from the outset so that you can get to know all of the workflows at Klauke and the group structures within Emerson. 

We work together with you to organise how your time is spent with us.

A career at Klauke: how to apply

You want to combine your studies with valuable practical experience? Current descriptions of working student vacancies, dissertation work and placement information can be found in our job page. You can send us your complete application directly via our Online Form .