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Klauke invests in new cleaning and drying system

26 November 2021
As far back as 2019, Klauke has been addressing the cleanliness of individual parts as part of its quality campaign. A process chain analysis was carried out with the help of the Hydac company. Part of the result was that we need to significantly improve our parts cleaning. For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal of increasing capacity in order to clean all components that come into contact with the hydraulic oil in the future. For this we have a new "seven chamber cleaning and drying system" for our parts. Thanks to this cleaning system, all metallic particles are removed from the parts. The system does this fully automatically. At the start, the item to be washed is packed into the cleaning baskets and scanned. From this point on, the system works automatically and places the baskets from the roller conveyor into the cleaning basins and later onto the unloading conveyor itself.

The first two chambers are cleaning basins for steel and aluminium parts to prevent particles from mixing. The next two basins are sinks to wash the previously used cleaner off the parts. Here, too, aluminium and steel parts are separated. An additive that forms an anti-corrosion protection is added in the sink for steel parts. The fifth basin is another rinsing basin, this one uses so-called deionized water (fully desalinated water) to rinse the parts one last time and allow them to dry without stains. The last two chambers are hot air convection dryers, similar to an oven with up to 120°C. Each basin has a pump/filter unit to continuously purify the water.

These measures will help us to further improve our quality and deliver the best possible products to our customers. 

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