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Cable lugs for narrow switch gear connections

9 July 2021
When it comes to control cabinet construction, installers face many challenges. Aside the fact that confined spaces usually hamper progress anyway, connecting conductors to powerful switch gear proves especially tricky – from a certain conductor cross-section onwards, conventional tubular cable lugs do not fit into connecting terminal provided. For these difficult applications, special tubular cable lugs for switch gear connectionsSG cable lugs«) have been developed, which have a much narrower flange that is easily compatible with the switch gear connection.

The palm of these cable lugs is not only much narrower than that of a conventional cable lug, it is also slightly thicker. The reason lies in production: the same quantity of electrolytic copper is used as for a traditional tubular cable lug.

This type of tubular cable lug is therefore suitable for use in control cabinet construction. These can be processed in exactly the same way as the tubular cable lugs Suitable crimping profiles for this would be hexagonal crimping, indent crimping or notch crimping. The boreholes are adapted to the terminal dimensions of current switch gears. Designs with a practical inspection hole are also available.

Our tubular cable lugs for switch gear connections are part of our safety-oriented product range – because it's important to us that you are able to carry out your work safely. With these cable lugs it's not necessary to cut the flange of the cable lugs sideways to fit into the terminal of the switch gear. Unfortunately, this is usually what people do in practice. Manipulating the lugs in this way can be very dangerous – in the worst case scenario, there is a risk of fire, as the cross-section of the cable lug is reduced.

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