Purchasing Terms
Purchasing Terms
Our General Terms & Conditions govern matters such as delivery dates, delays in delivery, payments, etc. These matters are described in detail in ourTerms and Conditions of Purchase and must be observed.
Supplier Guide
Supplier Guide
This guide provides you with information about purchasing at the Klauke Group. We would like to show all existing and new suppliers the easiest path to a close, trusting, fair and cooperative partnership. In our partnership with you, we expect you to be highly flexible and contentious about quality and deadlines. Our customers are increasingly demanding shorter deadlines and increased adaptation to market conditions. We can only achieve this with your support.


The aim of the Klauke Group is to fulfil the requirements and wishes of our customers to the maximum. In order to guarantee this, we need to continuously improve our purchasing performance. This allows us to:

  • be a competent and efficient partner for our customers
  • reduce costs
  • ensure consistent quality and
  • ensure adherence to deadlines.


The requirements for collaboration are:
  • quality,
  • reliability,
  • competitive prices,
  • excellent service, and
  • advanced notice of problems.

Your performance is regularly evaluated by our Purchasing Department.

Adherence to deadlines

In order to be able to provide our services reliably, the Klauke Group requires absolutely punctual deliveries on the date specified in the order. Packaging and/or shipping instructions must be followed. If it is foreseeable that the required delivery date cannot be met, the Klauke Group Purchasing Department must be informed immediately. The reasons leading to the delay must be investigated and redressed. In emergencies, every effort needs to be made to shorten the normal time it takes to make the delivery.

If the Klauke Group's Purchasing Department is presented with more favourable prices from the competition for important, high-turnover products, you as an existing supplier will be given the opportunity to review your prices.

The Klauke Group would like to maintain a partnership-based, future- and brand-orientated cooperation with you, the suppliers, which is geared towards the goal of customer satisfaction. We would be glad to receive any suggestions that further this goal, as well as suggestions regarding improvements.
Supplier information
Supplier information
As a supplier, please provide the required data and attach references. These data are used to decide which activities are necessary prior to the contract being awarded. The details you provide will be treated as confidential.

Please send the completed document to [email protected].
Purchasing Programme
Purchasing Programme
You can find out which products are relevant for Klauke in our purchasing programme.

  • Turned and milled parts
  • Fine blanks
    • parts cut by laser and water jet
  • Flat and round wire springs
  • Cold extruded products
  • Plastic injection moulded parts
    • Plastic injection moulded parts made of PA6, PA6GF30
    • Rubber shaped parts made of NBR
  • Copper pipes
    • Seamless drawn copper pipes, sectional copper (C-section), flat copper, material: E-CU or SE-CU
    • Seamless drawn aluminium pipes and aluminium round rods, material: EN AW-1350 (EN AW-EAL 99,5)H14, EN-AW-1350 (EN AW-EAL 99.5)O
    • Nickel pipes made of material No. 2.4068
    • Various round and flat material, e.g. made of: 42CrMo4V, 30CrNiMo8, 115CrV3, 100Cr6, 16MrCr5, ST52
  • Connecting parts
    • Different DIN and standard connecting parts, washers, O-rings, support rings, circlips, dowel pins
  • Tools and tool holders for machining
  • Precision castings
  • Metal injection moulded parts (MIM)
  • Electronic components
    • Circuit boards and motors
  • Forged parts