Regional Commitment

Action Mensch at Klauke
At Gustav Klauke GmbH we don't just focus on work. There's also a special value here with regard to our suppliers and customers. Gustav Klauke GmbH has been supporting Remscheider Lebenshilfe with orders for years. As a whole, people with disabilities can be fully integrated into a work process and are very happy and committed to the cause. This is how they experience the appreciation they deserve and the work they do gives their lives structure, providing them with an important support. The latest project we've carried out together with Lebenshilfe has been creating a tool according to the latest safety standards for the de-insulation of our cable assemblies, which is required during training and trade fairs to demonstrate how our pressing tools work. These display pieces are used during every tool presentation and in this way the Lebenshilfe employees also become part of the large Klauke family. We believe such a successful combination is a win for everyone.

Klauke supports the Burgholz Youth Hospice

The focus here is very much on promoting facilities that have made it their aim to support families in difficult situations – such as the Burgholz children’s and youth hospice in Wuppertal.

Company on the final journey
The Burgholz hospice supports dying children and young people on their final journey together with their parents, brothers and sisters. The facility allows families, including brothers and sisters, to move into the hospice to be with the sick child. During this time, the relatives are also looked after and offered psychological support.

A place of laughter, hope and sorrow
The carers at the children’s hospice want to create beautiful memories for the families during such a difficult time, and for the place to become a second home to them. And so at the Burgholz hospice, they laugh, play, cry and mourn. “The important thing is that the families don’t incur any extra costs during their time with us. That’s why we are very grateful for Klauke’s financial support”, emphasised Kerstin Wuelfing from the Burgholz hospice.

Klauke employees support the commitment
And the Klauke workforce is also happy to contribute to this great cause. The proceeds from a prize draw at Klauke’s 2015 family festival amounting to 2,500 euros were also donated to the hospice, for example. “We are glad that we can pass on our family philosophy in the form of this commitment too”, says the head of the Klauke HR department, summing up.

International Commitment

Klauke sponsors World Vision
We are an international company and as such think globally. This applies to our social commitment too. That’s why we support global projects that focus on the family - by sponsoring World Vision, for example.

Donating instead of giving …
… under this motto, Klauke has decided not to give customers expensive Christmas gifts. Instead, the company is taking responsibility for young people around the globe by sponsoring the World Vision aid organisation.

Help that actually arrives
Currently we are sponsoring eight girls and four boys aged between three and 18 years in Bolivia, Honduras, Vietnam, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Peru, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Chad. The monthly support of 30 euro directly benefits the children and their environment: the funds are used to buy school supplies or to build wells in the villages.

Give joy
The annual highlight for the children and employees is the Christmas season: The time when our colleagues send each sponsored child their own gift pack containing toys and a hand-written Christmas greeting.

Our efforts are appreciated: "The sponsored children write to us on a regular basis and write about themselves. Often, we even get a recent photo too. Time and time again, this reinforces our decision and proves we are doing the right thing”, says an employee in Klauke Sales.

Social Projects within the Klauke Group: Even small things can make a difference

That’s why Klauke commits to numerous projects that provide genuine help quickly, without the red tape.Children and education are especially important to Klauke.

Social Commitment in Idea Management
Do good - true to this motto, our idea management implemented an employee idea some time ago. The employee's suggestion was that the cash bonuses they receive for winning new ideas would go as a donation to the Burgholz Children's and Youth Hospice, which has been supported by Klauke for some time. Many colleagues support the implementation with their donations and so the sum of 600 euros was collected for the year 2017, which was handed over at the end of March by the idea collectors together with the Klauke idea manager.

We support a House of Life
For some years now there have been no gifts from Gustav Klauke GmbH at Christmas time. Instead, donations go to, among others, the partnered Burgholz Children's and Youth Hospice. Some employees were already aware of this commitment after the last summer party, others not yet. For this reason, Gustav Klauke GmbH used the last company meeting to familiarise other employees with the facility and the associated donation. The event was crowned by the fact that each employee had the option of donating the amount they would have received for attending the company meeting. We were thrilled that more than 1/3 of the participants took advantage of this opportunity and so the proud sum of 3,500 euros was collected. We know for use that this amount will go straight to those needing it. This makes summer time sunnier for us!

Social Institution Day
For some years now, Gustav Klauke GmbH has supported the children's and youth hospice in Burgholz with financial donations. But that's not all. Therefore, on June 25, six employees set out to help with the organisation of the summer party to benefit the Social Institution Day. At two booths provided to us, everything revolved around the children's entertainment. From face painting to can throwing to many other games of skill a varied programme was offered, which was well received.

First job insights at Klauke
Especially in the professional world, theory and practice are very different. This is why we encourage school students to get an early "taster" of different professions. In cooperation with the Bernsdorf Secondary School 2-3 times a year, 1-2 students have the opportunity to experience various professions during holidays or school placements, e.g. in the assembly area of Klauke Bernsdorf. These placements usually last four days to two weeks. Our experiences with this cooperation are consistently positive and we hope to be able to support the life journey of young people in the future.

Together for a good cause
Guided by the Klauke in-house craftsmen, our apprentices and trainers were active in the former IHK building on Elberfelder Straße. A residential group was set up there for children and adolescents in need of intensive care. The Klauke trainees decided to take on the task of giving the entrance a more friendly design. Product design apprentice Dennis Nowotny says: "We want to bring in some colour" because the old colour scheme was kept more sterile. Selma Ergül, who helped alongside trainer Martin Schmulder, explains that our trainees should use these projects to learn to work for other people's benefit and solve problems as a team. The Klauke trainees are planning the next social assignment in a children’s hospice.

Tool donation for polytechnic
Klauke Slovakia regularly donates tools to “Stredná odborná škola polytechnická“, the leading polytechnic in Dolny Kubin to support the training of skilled workers in this region.

Help for disadvantaged people
Help for the socially and mentally disadvantaged is close to our heart. Klauke Austria provides support to the Morgenstern Association and offers those with learning difficulties, as well as socially disadvantaged youths and young adults, traineeships in the workshop and office at our Austrian subsidiary in Leobersdorf.

Klauke "does school" in the region
For some years now, we have supported schools in Remscheid and the surrounding area - by donating items such as board games, rucksacks, colouring pencils, footballs and tools, for instance. Specifically, Klauke participated in the reconstruction of the burned out "GGS community primary school Eisernstein" in Remscheid. We also supported the schooling activities at the BZI Remscheid (Industry Vocational Training Centre) and gave learning materials to many disadvantaged children.