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The number of trainings attended by country in 2021, compared to 2020.

The Importance Of Training In Supporting The Trades

The COVID crisis has been affecting people and organizations in many ways, but one clear negative effect was that it limited face to face communication and direct contact.

Klauke invests in new cleaning and drying system

Klauke invests a lot of energy in automatic cleaning and drying equipment to increase the capacity of the quality campaign and, in this way, supply customers with the best possible products.

Successful re-certification audit 2021 by DEKRA

Klauke is committed to excellent quality and environmental management and has once again been audited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.
Tubular cable lugs for narrow switch gear connections

Cable lugs for narrow switch gear connections

From a certain cable cross-section, conventional tubular cable lugs no longer fit into the terminal provided for them, we have a solution.
ASSG Sicherheitsschneidgerät von Klauke

Cutting without risk – with the ASSG safety cutting device

In everyday work, it is not always easy to determine whether or not an earthed cable has been isolated. Safety cutting units can be used to prevent these dangers.
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Best performance by "far"

To ensure that you are also exposed to as few dangers as possible in your everyday working life, the issue of safety is also a top priority for Klauke when developing new products.
Klauke Orange für Energieversorger

Klauke Orange for energy suppliers

Safety exactly where it's needed. Optimally equipped for all aspects of energy supply. Whether that be at a distribution network, transformer station or during energy production. Learn more about Klauke Orange now!
Klauke Cares

With Klauke you're on the safe side

Klauke sets the highest standards of safety and quality for its employees and customers, just as is laid down in one of the seven values of Klauke's parent company, Emerson.
Neue Fräsmaschine in Bernsdorf, Deutschland

You could almost call it an anniversary present...

...or so you might think. After all, the new turn milling centre for the Bernsdorf plant in Germany will be commissioned just 6 weeks before the 30th anniversary of the branch.
Teil der neuen Maschinen

Setting the course for a secure future

This is probably the best way to characterise the decision, which was taken as early as a year ago. But – good things come to those who wait, and so completion did not take place until the beginning of 2021.
Display Sigma Druckluft

Sustainable energy supply - not an issue that can wait until tomorrow

Using energy responsibly is already relevant today. With this in mind, Klauke has invested in part of its Remscheid site.

Modernisation at the end of the year

In order to keep production up-to-date and state-of-the-art in terms of the technology we use, Klauke made a new investment shortly before the end of the year.

Updating the standard for cable end sleeves

The updated standard for insulated cable end sleeves, DIN 46228-4 :2020-03, replaces the previous DIN 46228-4: 1990-09 and DIN 46228-4 Correction 1: 2015-02. Here you will find the most important change.
Service Center

Relocation of Klauke Service Centre

BREAKING NEWS: The Klauke Service Centre is moving! From 21/09/2020, the processing of repair work and the hire service will be available for you at a new location.

Accurate to the micrometer

Now possible thanks to today's technology – measured to the micrometer. Our customers are making this request more and more. In order to meet this strong demand, we've invested in a new measuring system.

Always focused on progress

Despite employees having to work from home as well as a few other restrictions, the long-awaited combination of a 225 tonne press and matching conveyor has been delivered and put into operation in Remscheid.

We are at your service!

The current global crisis presents us all with challenges, both in our professional and private lives. Here at Klauke we are also following the official guidelines and have taken immediate health and safety measures at all of our locations.

Klauke Active: healthy cooking

As much as we all love to snack, the week before last we had a contrasting programme to our Christmas biscuit baking event. We had a nutritional rating as a guest.

Stepping into 2020 with laser precision

With the turn of the year, the typeface on our plumbing and electrical jaws also changes, as a second laser printer has been installed in our assembly department.
Unser Klauke Nachwuchs

Congratulations on passing your exam!

Klauke is aware of its responsibility to provide vocational training to young people and then give them a professional perspective.