• 1. How long is the guarantee on Klauke and Greenlee products?

    Klauke and Greenlee tools have a two-year warranty, more information can be found in our GTCs under point 7.

    There is also a limited, lifetime warranty on Greenlee brand test, measurement and testing equipment. You will find more information in the notes in the Greenlee warranty.

  • 2. As an end customer, can I send a defective device straight to Klauke?

    Yes. Please send the defective device with address, telephone number, order number and invoice copy (in case of warranty) to one of our Tool Service Centres. Further information can be found here.

  • 3. Is advance notice of repair required? If so, where can I send it?

    That is not necessary. On our repair pageyou have the option of creating a send in PDF using the online form and providing us with all the necessary information for your repair . Here you can also find out where to send your tool.

  • 4. How do I accept a cost estimate?

    Please return the last page of the cost estimate by fax or email to the service department (the address can be found on the estimate).

  • 5. Which test intervals for the tools does Klauke recommend to its customers?

    An inspection should be carried out annually, but maintenance every 3 years or when reaching 10,000 crimpings (whichever comes first).

  • 6. What will an estimate cost?

    In principle, the cost estimate from the Service Centre in Remscheid is free if the device is subsequently repaired. If, after the estimate has been made, the unit is not repaired and is to be returned to the customer, there will be an additional processing fee of EUR 29.90 in addition to shipping. These are calculated on the basis of the work done in the area of Service Centre Administration and Service Centre Workshop / Technology. The shipping costs are freight + packaging (UPS standard) = EUR 12.90 or 3-fold return + packaging (UPS standard) = EUR 24.90.

  • 7. What are the costs if I have Klauke scrap my device or return my faulty machine?

    Scrapping is free. For the return of faulty machines, we charge a handling fee of EUR 29.90 plus shipping costs of EUR 12.90 net + VAT.

  • 8. Can I rent a device from Klauke? Which devices are available?

    In the hire service column you find contact and all other necessary information.

  • 9. As an end customer, can I obtain spare parts straight from Klauke?

    Please contact the wholesaler of your choice, who can request all necessary spare parts from Klauke.

  • 10. Under what circumstances will my warranty expire?

    In order for us to be able to repair your tool without any problems in the event of a warranty claim, it is important that a tool has not been opened or modified by a person not authorised by Klauke. In the event of damage, please always send the tool to us or an authorised Service Centre! In addition, we exclude user errors and the use of the tool in the wrong application areas from our warranty.

  • 11. Where can I find instructions for using your tools?

    On the pageInstructions and Certificates, you will find all the operating instructions as well as tools and certificates for our products. If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, please contact [email protected]

  • 12. What is the difference between an inspection and servicing and what steps do these involve?

    Inspection: An inspection comprises only the general check and assessment of the tool, an input and output force measurement, tool cleaning and an oil change.

    Service: A service comprises an inspection, as well as the preventative replacement of working piston seal, pump piston, seal, tank and the filter.

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