Elektriker bei der Arbeit

Portrait of an Electrician

To find out more about the everyday life of an electrician, we interviewed Helmuth Hummel from Hummel Elektrotechnik Munich in Germany. Find out more about Helmuth's day-to-day work in the following article.
Creation of a tool

The Creation of a Tool

When customers hold a Klauke tool in their hands, they experience particularly well thought-out functionality and sophisticated ergonomics. Before this point,the product goes through a comprehensive development process, from the initial idea to series production.
Klauke Jahresrückblick 2023

Klauke review of the year 2023

We have reviewed the year 2023 once again. Below is an overview of past events, campaigns and new products from Klauke.
christmas market

Perfect Christmas gifts: Top 5 items in the Klauke Gear Shop

Still no gifts for Christmas? Browse through our KlaukeGearshop and find great gifts for your loved ones!
Klauke tools in the van

Top Klauke Tools you need to have in the Van

The essential electrician’s tool kit hasn’t changed a lot over the years, but van or tool bag space is always limited, so your tools need to be compact and highly versatile. Find out more about the Klauke tools that every electrician needs to have in the van.
Event Lust auf Handwerk in Köln

Enthusiastic About Trade - Event in Cologne

Klauke and RIDGID have been sponsoring the #LUSTAUFHANDWERK campaign since 2021. This year's community meeting took place on 14/10 in Cologne.
Verschiedene Aderendhüslsen

Tips for correctly processing cable end-sleeves

Learn more about correctly crimping cable end-sleeves. From terminal blocks to crimping shapes and suitable tools.
Elektrikerin Anika bei der Arbeit

Day of Trade - Insight into the Work of an Electrician

For the Day of Trade, we interviewed Annika to find out more about her everyday work as an electrician.
EK30IDML - Panel Building

Klauke Solutions For Panel Builders

Elevate your panel building projects with Klauke's precision tools, designed for safety and efficiency. From cutting to crimping, we're your trusted partner for superior results.

Tensile strength test at Klauke

Klauke carries out tensile strength tests - a standardised materials testing procedure for determining tensile strength.
trainees 2023

Start of the new trainees in 2023

Welcome to Klauke! We have been welcoming our new trainees to our company since August 1st, 2023. Together we will create a professional future.
Klauke products

The perfect summer- Klauke Webshop

Experience an unforgettable summer with the Klauke web shop! Discover high-quality products for the beach, sports and sunshine. From stylish towels and fashionable caps to practical drinking bottles and much more.

Installation of wind turbines with Klauke products

For the various electrotechnical components in a wind turbine, we offer exactly the right Klauke tools and the corresponding Klauke connecting material.
Klauke wishes a great Father's Day

Klauke wishes a great Father's Day!

On the occasion of Father's Day, we interviewed Evi and Manuel. What's special about these two? Not only they, but also their respective father and brother are electricians.
solar park installation

Solar park installation with Klauke products

In a solar park, Klauke products are needed to connect combiner boxes, inverters and transformers.
Tag des Elektrikers

International Electrician Day

The International Electrician Day was established in 1986 and it is celebrated annually on June 10th. This is the best occasion to honour all the hard-working men and women in the electricity field.
Klauke Safety Day 2023

Safer Work – Better Life. Emerson Safety Day.

On May 12, we celebrated Safety Day at Emerson Professional Tools in Remscheid, Germany.
tester testimonials

Tester interview about the EKWF120ML

As part of a test campaign on Instagram, electricians tested our EKWF120ML pressing tool. Here are the testimonials.

Tester Campaign Testimonial - EK30IDML

Interested in discovering feedback from the job site about the EK30IDML? We are excited to share with you the testimonials of three Klauke testers from Instagram.
Computer with Klauke

The advantages of Klauke newsletter

The Klauke newsletter brings with it many exciting advantages. In the following section you can find out why you should definitely subscribe for the Klauke newsletter.
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