Micro Strip
Wire stripping made easy
The revolutionary Klauke micro-strip makes electromechanical stripping easy. It can effortlessly handle large cross-sections of up to 35 mm² and thick insulation. Wires of all classes can be cut using the integrated cutting insert. The insert can be adjusted depending on if you're right or left handed and ensures consistent quality with a stop sleeve. Fast, precise and versatile – the ideal solution for switch cabinet construction and more.
Electromechanical cutting tool
Electromechanical cutting tool
Thanks to the new S502 cutting insert, the Klauke micro gains a whole new dimension. Now the Klauke micro can be transformed into a cutting tool by simply changing the insert.
This makes it possible to cut knot chains, cable class 2 to 25 mm², copper rails up to 3 mm × 10 mm or steel cables up to 3 mm.
This insert is designed in such a way that cutting copper, aluminium and steel strips is easy.
Here, too, pre-clamping helps you get off to a good start and to carry out the cut with motorised technology in a way that won't hurt your arms.

Stripping insulation done easily and safely
The all-rounder, Klauke Micro
Stripping insulation done easily and safely
The Klauke micro-strip is a real all-rounder for stripping conductors from 6 to 35 mm² in cross-section, offering a faster and safer alternative to manual stripping. In addition, the EKSD50ML allows large cross-sections and different types of insulation to be processed.
Crimping – cable end sleeves and insulated connectors
Crimping – cable end sleeves and insulated connectors
The Klauke micro also proves its versatility with the various crimping inserts. In addition to inserts for crimping cable lugs and insulated cable connectors, there are also inserts for cable lugs from the Klauke R-series and crimping cable lugs according to DIN. To round off the product range, there are also inserts for cable end sleeves and twin cable end sleeves. Thanks to optimised square crimping, these can be easily inserted into all common clamps.

Crimping photovoltaic plugs
PV inserts
Crimping photovoltaic plugs
The specially developed insert is perfectly matched to the standard PV plugs. With the Micro, the plugs can easily be pre-clamped and held in position by pressing the operating lever. This allows the user to easily insert the cable and then push the lever all the way down to finish the roll crimping. The polished inner surfaces of the dies ensure that the ends of the open PV plug are perfectly guided, which significantly reduces the amount of incorrect crimpings. Thanks to the manual holding function of the Klauke Micro, the user has one hand completely free to insert the cable, which makes handling much easier and improves the results. The advantages of the Klauke micro are especially noticeable with larger PV systems: you don't have to stretch your hand as far during the crimping process and the force you have to apply is significantly lower.

Versatile inserts at a glance
Micro strip
Electromechanically perfect
With only 20% effort, the Klauke micro-strip delivers flawless results while protecting the joints. Stripping even over a hundred conductors a day becomes an easy task!

From professional to professional

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