PKUAP3 crimping head

PKUAP3 crimping head

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  • Time saving with multiple crimps due to automatic piston retraction

suitable for

  • Stainless steel, steel: max. NS54*
  • Copper, copper alloys: max. NS54/108/4"*
  • Composite pipe: max. NS75/110*
  • PEX pipe: max. NS75*

Additional information

  • * These values are system-related. Please contact your system provider for binding information.
  • Special sizes upon request

Ordering Information

Ordering information
PART NO. Description
PKUAP3 Crimping head PKUAP3 
PART NO. Description
SB1 Crimping jaw standard SB, size 1 
SB2 Crimping jaw standard SB, size 2 
SB3 Crimping jaw standard SB, size 3 
UW32N Crimping jaw Universal UW 
WE2 Interchangeable dies WE, size 2 
WE15M Interchangeable dies WE32 
UW63NK Pressing element for exchangeable inserts 
SSK Pressing chain SSK 
QC Quick Click chain 
SBK4254 Adapter jaw SBK4254 for pressing chain SSK