1. Manual pre-clamping
Operating the lever closes the crimping jaws without any exertion on the part of the user and fixes the connecting material. In this "pre-clamped" state it is still possible to adjust the position and the alignment.
2. Motorized crimping
Further actuation or "depression of" the lever starts the crimping process - fully automatically using the power of the integrated motor.
... …and done
The retraction to the starting position is also fully automatic. During the entire crimping cycle the process can be interrupted by actuating the lever in the opposite direction.
Klauke Micro crimping process
for conveniently crimping cable connections, cable end-sleeves and cable lugs
thanks to the LED light for illuminating the crimping jaws and working area
Balanced and drop-proof
thanks to mounting lug for use with balancer or for securing in field work
via a one-lever operating concept for controlling all tool functions
Smart and durable
with multi-function LED for servicing reminder and data transfer
Easy on the nerves – in the truest sense
Frequent manual crimping:
eventually leads to overstraining in the wrist and under arm region.
Klauke Micro in action
Motorised crimping with innovative PowerSense function:
ensures optimum efficiency with less straining and minimum risk to health.
"An investment that pays off"
The enormous relief to nerves and muscles thanks to the PowerSense function pays off, especially when you consider the potential costs of employee absence e.g. due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Less overload phenomena
  • Fewer absences and schedule delays
  • Greater planning reliability for everyone