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Tool for control cabinet construction
For those installing power wires: our control cabinet construction professional package

Efficiency and safety in control cabinet construction are now available in an all-round no-hassle package. Whether it's cutting, stripping, crimping or punching: in our power package you'll find precisely the right tool!

EK30IDML and EKWF120ML: fast and safe crimping without changing inserts
In control cabinet construction, different conductors, cable lugs and wire end sleeves are usually used at the same time. This means that during crimping the required pressing inserts must be changed frequently. This takes time and effort. With the EK30IDML and the EKWF120ML, we now offer you ideal solutions.

From professional to professional

Are you looking for the best connectors and tools for your work in control cabinet construction? Our product specialists are happy to advise you – from professional to professional:

Find out more by calling the Klauke Service number (+49 (0)2191 / 907 - 107) or in person on site from our sales team or speak to a technical support team member live via video. Our application technicians show you how to use the tools to the best advantage. We are happy to advise you!