Innovation – the key to our success

All Klauke solutions involve creativity, technological expertise and a close dialogue with yourselves, our users and our system partners. As a result, we have become a leading company in various sectors and are able to offer you innovative products at all times.

  • Our new developments round out Klauke's existing product range.
  • Through a constant exchange with our customers, we are aware of the importance of individual solutions and are not afraid to develop and manufacture a suitable solution to your requirements.  For our new developments, we attach great importance to significantly increasing the ease of use, safety and efficiency.
  • Continuous and extensive investment in our manufacturing equipment puts us in a position to produce increasingly complex parts with increasingly more extreme tolerance specifications in a form-fitting and reliable manner.
  • Our effective project management strategy ensures cost-efficient and timely developments. Our development process ensures the early integration of purchasing and production, so that innovative prototypes can be quickly developed to series maturity and passed on to production after successful field tests.
Klauke Micro EK50ML in action
Innovation in practice: Klauke Micro
With the Klauke Micro Klauke has introduced onto the market the world's first electromechanical crimping tool with PowerSense function. This function describes manual pre-clamping and crimping by means of the motor. This noticeably relieves the strain on the wrist and the forearm. Maximum efficiency and convenience.
Innovation in practice: MAPAXL
The 2 in 1 tool "MAPAXL" is equally innovative. It produces an axial connection between pipe and fitting by first expanding the pipe to enable a sliding connection to then be produced. This means the user doesn't need a separate tool.
Safety and reliability based on quality

Klauke products are used wherever tough safety requirements have to be met. That's why their reliability and quality is of the utmost importance. For us, simply meeting the requirements of a standard is not enough. In terms of safety, ease of use and robustness, all Klauke products comply with the highest specifications and perform over and above the standards required. We are not satisfied until you are.

Certified quality management systems at Klauke companies

  • ISO 9001:2015 -Customer and process-oriented quality management system
  • IATF 16949:2016 -Standard IATF 16949 goes beyond DIN ISO 9001 and is the internationally recognised standard for quality management systems in the automotive industry.
  • ISO 14001:2015Environmental management system for the continuous improvement of environmental performance
Certificates for individual products or product groups

CSA (Canadian Standard Association): Certification of the electrical connecting material and tools to UL/CSA standards.

DNV (DET NORSKE VERITAS): This confirms the suitability of our electrical connecting material for use on ships and offshore gas and oil platforms.

GL (Germanischer Lloyd): This confirms the suitability of our electrical connecting material for use on ships and on stationary and mobile drilling platforms according to DIN EN 61400-1.

A special certificate also verifies that our connecting materials are highly suitable for use in onshore and offshore wind turbines/farms.

GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit) [tested safety]: The GS safety mark on our crimping and cutting tools is proof of the highest possible level of safety and quality.

IEC certificates: The unique safety level of our products was verified by the internationally recognised test standard IEC 61238-1 for our electrical connecting material and by the internationally recognised standard EC 60745-1 for our battery-powered tools.

UL (Underwriters Laboratory): The electrical connecting material and crimping tools are certified to UL/CSA standards.

VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik e.V.) [Association of German Electricians]: Tests and certifies to the electrical safety of tools, chargers and tools for work on live systems.

The Klauke quality standard and modular system concept applies to every one of our products. Therefore, it's not only products carrying our brand name that are qualified by certification bodies, it's also all products that we make for our system suppliers.

Customer proximity - On the road and at Klauke

The customer does not just play a key role in the development of innovations. Customer proximity before and after the purchase is also very important to us.

Applications Engineering at Klauke

Known to Klauke customers for many years – professional service and expert assistance from our applications engineering team – by telephone and very often on site. Answering our customers’ complex questions quickly and professionally. The technicians rely on the very latest test equipment, which allows us to test almost all connector variations of Klauke connectors and cables. The important thing is that we rely on standardised methods and are able to give you reliable information for your specific issues. You will, of course, also receive test reports for the tests we carry out.

Applications Engineering Contact
[email protected]
+49 2191 9072402

Klauke pursues a lean management policy

Lean management is a business management style that focuses on customer orientation, while enhancing effectiveness and efficiency. Internally and externally, production, logistic and administrative processes are continuously improved. At Klauke, we pursue a lean management policy - for our customers and for our future successes.

The goal of process optimisation is a steady increase in our efficiency and avoidance of mistakes. A continuous review process with numerous companies that champion lean management gives us new impetus, time and time again. This is how further improvements that increase effectiveness and efficiency at all company levels are always being initiated.