Pressing chain LP (to 48 bar)

Pressing chain LP (to 48 bar)

  • Synchronised crimping thanks to four-segment technology
  • Reliable form fit thanks to positive segment guidance
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  • Solid chain lock allows strong forces to be absorbed and prevents slipping from the fitting
  • Firm positioning of the adapter jaw thanks to optimised design
  • Simple chain changeover even when "working overhead" by separating the chain from the machine
  • Crimping chains can be changed by one person
  • Simultaneous constriction of the fitting and deformation of the sealing element thanks to four-segment technology
  • Easy chain removal after the crimping operation thanks to polished profile surfaces
  • Optimised safety thanks to the use of high-resilience tool steel

suitable for

  • Stainless steel, steel: max. NW108 - 4"
  • Copper, copper alloys: max. NW108 - 4"
  • Composite/PEX pipe: max. NS110

Additional information

  • * These values are system-related. Please contact your system provider for binding information.
  • SBKUAP4 - can only be used with this adapter jaw (not included in scope of supply)

Ordering Information

Ordering information
PART NO. Description
BP...LP BP pressing chain LP KSP3 
PART NO. Description
SBKUAP4 Adapter jaw SBKUAP4 for LP chain