Start of the new trainees in 2023

23 August 2023

An exciting and varied apprenticeship awaits our newcomers, which opens up a wide range of opportunities to achieve professional goals.

We are proud to be able to accompany you on this path and to impart the necessary knowledge and practical skills.

As prospective industrial clerks, our trainees will gain insight into various departments, such as purchasing, sales, controlling and human resources. You will learn to analyze business processes, draw up contracts and coordinate the entire administrative process. Through close cooperation with the other trainees, our trainees are involved in cross-departmental projects at an early stage.

We employ specialists in metal technology in a wide variety of areas. You will learn to manufacture, assemble and maintain metal components. You will also work on turning, milling and grinding machines and learn various welding techniques.

The mechatronics technicians are trained in the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. You will assemble and commission electronic components, maintain and repair machines and systems, and program control and regulation systems. Your tasks are diverse and require technical understanding and manual skills.

The cutting machine operators are used in our production to manufacture metal parts according to drawings. You will work on CNC machines and perform precise milling, turning and grinding work. Precision and accuracy are of great importance in order to produce high-quality products.

The prospective production technologists play an important role in optimizing our manufacturing processes. You will analyze the production processes, suggest improvements and introduce new technologies. Our newcomers will work closely with the specialists from the various departments, helping to ensure that our production runs efficiently and smoothly.

The specialist warehouse clerks are responsible for the smooth warehousing and shipping of our products. You will receive, check and store goods. You will also assemble, pack and ship orders. Good organization and diligence are essential to keep track of our stocks.

The machine and plant operator will learn to play a key role in the operation and maintenance of machines running smoothly. Careful maintenance teaches the extent to which failures can be minimized and the lifespan of the systems can be maximized.

The industrial mechanics are responsible for the maintenance and repair of our machines and systems. You will carry out regular maintenance work, analyze and rectify faults and convert and optimize systems. Your work makes a significant contribution to ensuring that our production runs smoothly and downtimes are minimized.

We are proud of our team and attach great importance to a good working atmosphere and a collegial atmosphere. Our new trainees are supervised by experienced trainers who are on hand to offer advice and practical help.

In addition, we offer regular training and further education opportunities in order to constantly expand their knowledge and achieve professional goals.


We wish you a successful start in your apprenticeship at Klauke.


Welcome to the Klauke team!