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  • 92995ebc-6c39-4175-95a3-3e5dd9b962aa

    Rectangular punch

  • 932869da-f79e-48b0-99a4-1c958466f142

    Square punch

  • 29f4f1bc-9d27-410b-a310-ef8826ad7986

    Special square punch with flattened corners

  • eb565779-ee0a-4234-a894-87f61a13c7e9

    Round punch with four anti-rotation tabs

  • ebdb794d-879c-4d93-880d-ba1baa2b73e5

    "D" shaped punch

  • 4efb50d3-3435-4e44-ab24-fa0ff8b0b474

    Double "D" shaped punch

  • 0f23e3fc-eba0-429f-ad42-276fa416423c

    Keyway punch

  • 5fbfe33a-7230-419f-b8c7-fdb2ae040cd1

    Profile cylinder punch

  • acb589d7-880f-4edb-b64a-0af18e898547

    Sub-Min "D" punch

  • 4677c9b8-7795-4cb6-ae48-350eeb57b3b6

    Special shape punch for heavy duty connectors with 4 centre mark points