Safety cutters

Klauke safety cutting units: cutting without risk
Safety comes first. This principle applies, above all, when cutting power cables. Not merely because Section 6(2) of the accident prevention regulations on “Electrical systems and equipment” states that isolation must be established prior to starting cutting – danger to persons must be prevented under any circumstances.

In everyday work, it is not always easy to determine whether or not an earth cable has indeed been isolated. In such cases, safety cutting units can be used to prevent these dangers.

Simple and efficient to use

These compact units primarily consist of four components: a cutting head, an insulation hose, an earthing system for potential equalisation and a hydraulic pump.
The pump is available in foot-operated or battery powered versions. The only difference is convenience – both versions ensure safety at work.

Safety cutting units are practical and easy to use.
First the cutting head must be connected to the power cable. Cutting heads are available in two versions. The open cutting head is particularly suited to situations in which space is at a premium. The guillotine cutting head, however, can be positioned anywhere on the cable and can therefore always be used when there is sufficient space.

No matter which cutting head is used, it is important that as well as the power cable no other cables are positioned in the cutting area.
The guillotine cutting head can prevent accidentally cutting through other cables by using a "closed" cutting technique.

If the cutting head is positioned on the cable, the hydraulic hose must next be rolled out. This covers at least 10 metres in length and is filled with non-conducting hydraulic oil.
The hose provides a uniform transmission of force between the drive unit and the cutting head. The hydraulic hose is attached with a quick coupling to the pump at one end, whilst the other is connected firmly to the cutting head.
Before the cutting process can begin, the drive unit must be earthed using a ground stake.

Safe from a distance too

Some models, such as the Klauke ASSG safety cutting unit, have a remote control that allows the cutting process to be controlled and executed conveniently.

The battery-powered safety cutting unit uses software to check whether or not the battery capacity is sufficient for the cutting job. If the capacity is insufficient, the cutting job is not even started – this ensures the utmost safety.

Servicing and maintenance for optimum safety

A safety cutting unit should be serviced every two years. Servicing includes, for example, replacing the hydraulic oil and may only be carried out by the manufacturer of the unit.

Klauke recommends a visual inspection before and after each cutting operation to ensure that the machine is in perfect condition after servicing has been carried out. Additionally, the safety cutting unit should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

A safe result

No risk should be taken when choosing a safety cutting unit. Regular servicing and maintenance of the unit support the service life of the device and also increase safety during cutting.

The expert team at Klauke is available to advise you on all questions relating to the safety cutting unit and can be contacted at [email protected] .

A detailed video illustrating how to use the Klauke ASSG is available on the Klauke YouTube Channel: Link to Klauke YouTube channel