Redesign of the Klauke training room

19 April 2024

Klauke Product Management proudly announces the inauguration of the new training room for Klauke. "We in Product Management are delighted that the training room for the Klauke division has been given a new lease of life. This means that we now have a uniform appearance for our strong brands with RIDGID and Klauke in their individual origins and with their strengths combined in one room for professional tools," explains the product management team.

Since the end of March, the newly designed space has provided the perfect environment to present Klauke's product innovations to customers, partners and colleagues. In addition to imparting theoretical knowledge, the focus is primarily on practical application. "It is important not only to explain the theory, but also to give everyone the chance to put the products through their paces in practice," emphasizes the product management team.

With state-of-the-art equipment and an appealing design, the training room creates an inspiring atmosphere for learners and teachers alike. From interactive presentations to hands-on demonstrations, the room offers a wide range of opportunities to experience the full potential of Klauke products.

The redesign of the training room marks an important milestone for Klauke and underlines the company's commitment to continuous development and customer satisfaction. "We are convinced that this room will not only help to deepen knowledge about our products, but also to strengthen cooperation and exchange within our company and with our partners," concludes the product management team.

With the new training room, Klauke is sending out a clear signal of innovation and quality and offering its customers and partners a first-class learning environment for the future.

On the Klauke Instagram channel you can find videos of a before and after comparison of the training room.

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