Micro tester campaign

21 March 2024
Thanks to its interchangeable inserts, the micro has developed into a real all-rounder. There are currently three different versions of the micro:

• EK WF 50 ML Electromechanical crimping tool 0.5 - 50 mm² for wire end ferrules and twin wire end ferrules
 EC 50 ML Electromechanical cutting tool - EK 50 ML Electromechanical crimping tool for insulated connectors
• EK 50 ML Electromechanical crimping tool for insulated connectors

All inserts from the 50 series can be used, giving the micro an even wider range of possible applications. The PowerSense function is particularly outstanding: pre-crimping is done manually, while the actual crimping process is supported by an integrated motor. This motorised function guarantees maximum efficiency and minimises the health risk posed by repeated manual crimping, which can lead to strain in the wrist and forearm. We want to find out how electricians experience the micro in practice. In Germany, we have therefore launched another tester campaign. In December, we were looking for testers for the micro via Instagram and our newsletter. Regardless of whether you already owned it or not - anyone could apply.



We are delighted that @cenergy.nord, @alfons_diekmann_elektrotechnik, @elektrogante, @elektroblondi, @elektrikerin.sarah, @elektrikergirl, @sek_seeger_elektro, @kunkel.elektrotechnik, @wahlfe.

The participation of three strong women who are helping to further strengthen the women's trade is particularly pleasing.


We look forward to seeing great photos and videos from a wide variety of work situations throughout Germany!

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