Compression cable lugs according to DIN 46235

Compression cable lugs according to DIN 46235: formative information included
DIN 46235 is a standard that defines the applications, dimensions and the designation of compression cable lugs. Compression cable lugs according to this standard may be used for one, several, fine and super-fine stranded conductors. The conductor design is defined in DIN EN 60228 (IEC 60228). The conductor design was previously described in VDE 0295. Copper cables according to DIN 48201-1 can also be processed using these cable lugs.

When processing sector conductors, attention must be paid to ensure that the sector conductors are pre-rounded using the corresponding tool. Pre-rounding dies with the right sector sleeves are suitable for this purpose, for example.

The markings on the product provide useful information about the origin and use of the compression cable lugs – the same also applies to tubular cable lugs. Here is an example of what “KL 20 12 - 120” means:

    • KL: Manufacturer code (Klauke in this particular instance)
    • 20: Tool number (only for cable lugs according to DIN 46235)
    • 12: Size of standard metric bolt dimensions for the connecting bolts – in this case M 12 screws
    • 120: Specified nominal cross-section of conductor in mm²

Compression cable lugs also have markings that provide information regarding the number and width of crimpings. The standard recommends hexagonal crimping dies according to DIN 48083-4 for processing purposes. The hexagonal dimensions are described in this standard. This means you can be sure the connection is definitely DIN-compliant. The conductor nominal cross-sections of compression cable lugs range from 6 mm² to 1000 mm², the hole diameter for the connecting bolt is between M5 and M20.

Compression cable lugs are made from electrolyte copper: a copper tube is shaped into a cable lug by crimping and cutting. Compression cable lugs are tin plated as standard to protect against corrosion – just like tubular cable lugs and solderless terminals. However bright finish versions are available as well. The associated compression joint is defined in DIN 46267-1. However, the properties and processing are identical.

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