Making three into one...

June 12, 2019

… progress at Gustav Klauke GmbH can look like this as well. Three hardness testing devices became one. In addition to saving space, this new measuring instrument can now cover three test procedures:

  • Rockwell
  • Brinell
  • Vickers

The 8-part turret head has three indenters, three lenses and a laser for positioning and an integrated overview camera. This – coupled with a motor-controlled CNC table with X- and Y-axis – offers the possibility of both automatic and serial testing. This means that components can be returned to production much more quickly in order to meet the customer's delivery requirements, which can be quite short notice in some cases. In addition, the attached documentation section offers the best possibilities for displaying the tests and for adding photos. This clear and memorable display also serves the customer at the end.

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