Getting fit together

September 25, 2019
Why the Gustav Klauke GmbH promotes health offers in the business!

At first glance, the agreement between a company and its employees essentially consists of the idea of "work to be paid". However, in recent years this way of thinking has increasingly been regarded as outdated, because the foundation of meaning is an increasingly important part of keeping employees motivated. This concept is increasingly overtaking purely monetary motivation in terms of popularity. This also includes the question of identifying with the employer - do I feel comfortable and valued as a person? So companies should think about how to make employees act more out of conviction and passion rather than just simply fulfil their duties.

At the same time, the topic of "staying fit and healthy for as long as possible" is becoming increasingly important in view of our constantly growing life expectancy and demographic development. Today, many workplaces are healthier than a few decades ago. Yet, working life will increase and each individual must remain at an age-appropriate performance level for as long as possible. If we succeed in optimising working conditions in such a way to ensure that there are as few stresses as possible and, on the other hand, the existing stresses are optimally compensated, then we would actually have the often-cited "win-win situation" between the employees and the company.

With this in mind, our company has long carried out various individual activities such as company runs, health days, workshops on various topics and cooperation with health insurance companies.

With what we're doing today, i.e. celebrating the opening of the Klauke Vitality Club, it is possible not only to offer our employees health-promoting measures on a selective basis through individual campaigns throughout the year, but also to enable them to do so. We also integrate health activities into the daily routine at the individually appropriate time. That can be 2x per week 10min shoulder relaxation in shirt and jeans as prevention or several times per week as whole fitness units.

In the coming months, this offer will be supplemented again and again with various focal points on the topics of mobility, nutrition, relaxation, etc. in order to clearly show that it is actually worth a lot to the company to have healthy employees who feel valued by the company and grow closer together with their colleagues in sports, according to Dr Günther Burkhard, Managing Director of Gustav Klauke GmbH, Remscheid.