Get together at Klauke

May 23, 2019
The day finally arrived, Saturday, 11/05/19 – the long-prepared Gustav Klauke GmbH summer party. The annual event had two new features this year. Firstly, it took place for the first time under the new umbrella organisation Emerson; secondly, this year it also honoured the 140th anniversary of Gustav Klauke GmbH. As a result, the celebration was much more elaborate. All employees were invited along with their families, and the company's former employees were also able to take part. On top of this, our colleagues from the Bernsdorf plant near Dresden were also invited. Despite the not quite so summery weather, 120 children and 620 adults happily answered our invitations and were able to join us for the fun.

The welcome was a heart in the company colours, which was also a lottery with a 100% chance of winning. A grilled ox, Asian delicacies, potato pancakes and the typical red and white bowl as well as a large kitchen buffet made sure all guests had full bellies. To entertain the children, there were a number of attractions ranging from children's face-painting to bouncy castles.

Tours of the workplace were another part of the event. These were well received - for many parents it was an opportunity to give their children an idea of their daily work and to show the pensioners the innovations that have taken place at their old workplaces.

All in all, it was a successful event for everyone who attended.

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