Conditions for registering your tool and extension of the warranty period

1. Area of Application

The following conditions apply to the online registration of certain products of Gustav Klauke GmbH ("Klauke"). Our general terms and conditions also apply.

2. Tool registration

2.1. You can register the Klauke micro EK50ML. The registration can only be carried out on the Internet at A valid customer registration will only exist when the online form is fully and correctly filled in and the registration is confirmed by a confirmation email from Klauke.

2.2. The registration of your tool is possible only if

• done within 60 days of purchase (date of purchase receipt or invoice date),
• the tool has not been registered beforehand,
• the tool was purchased from a specialist dealer or electrical wholesaler. Purchases from private individuals, auctions etc. cannot be considered;
• the registration is carried out by the end customer. Dealers cannot register tools.

2.3. Once registered, a tool cannot be deleted.

3. Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Upon full and effective registration of your Klauke tool, Klauke will grant your tool a limited manufacturer's warranty under the following conditions:

3.1. The warranty period is 36 months in total (and therefore 12 months longer than the statutory warranty) and commences from the date on your original purchase receipt.

3.2. We reserve the right to check your data when you send in your tool under warranty case. The warranty period commences from the date of the purchase receipt, which must be produced on request.

3.3. In case of a claim, tools with a material defect will be repaired free-of-charge by Klauke. The warranty includes repair services and replacement parts, as well as transport to the end customer. Work caused by customer error, incorrect handling of the tool or use in incorrect applications is excluded. Also excluded is maintenance work within the service intervals specified by Klauke and wearing parts, which have come to the end of their life due to frequency of use (crimp heads, motors, drives, rechargeable batteries, etc.).

3.4. Making warranty claims. Warranty claims must be made to Klauke in writing as soon as the defect is discovered and within the warranty period. For this purpose, the tool concerned must be presented with the original purchase receipt to the seller or to one of our authorised Service Centres, or sent in at your own expense.

3.5. Further claims under the warranty are impossible.

3.6. Statutory claims for defects remain unaffected.

4. Modifying your customer data

4.1. If you want to modify your customer data, you can do this at any time in your customer account for tool registration.

4.2. In your customer account for tool registration, you have the option of deleting your personal data. Once you delete your data, the registration and therefore the limited manufacturer's warranty lapses. The original warranty according to our terms and conditions remains unaffected.

4.3. Additional information relating to data protection can be obtained from our general data protection declaration.