Klauke Ideas Management received two awards

April 24, 2019

Klauke has managed to win two awards this year. In the category "Best Apprentice Idea" we took 2nd place and in the category "Best Idea in Production and Technology" we got 3rd place. With these ideas Klauke was able to impress the expert jury of the German Institute for Ideas and Innovation Management.

Apprentice Alexander Satschkowskij has proven that you do not have to be an old hand when it comes to raising safety standards in the workplace. A cover over the sanding block can make a difference and reduce the potential risk of injury. The foresight of the new colleague was awarded accordingly and recognised with a swift implementation.

Great ambition was also evident from our colleague Franco Maselli who works in logistics. In a packaging machine in which the cable lugs ran over a plate every day, there were always faults and the plate had to be changed regularly. This caused the plate to become scratched over time which in turn meant the cable lugs got caught on it. The necessary replacement of the plate led to additional costs.

A situation Franco Maselli was not happy about and determined to change. He took one of the scratched plates home with him and spent his free time trying to find a solution to the problem. After many attempts with various methods, he actually found a detergent that prevents damage during the packaging process. The last plate installed has not been replaced since.

The recognition by the German Institute for Ideas and Innovation Management makes Klauke very proud and inspires the two employees, as well as their colleagues, to continue looking for ideas that can improve the process.