HSS bi-metal hole saw set

HSS bi-metal hole saw set

  • Saves time thanks to low vibration and heat development
  • Variable tooth pitch for uniform cut
  • Requires minimal effort when drilling
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  • High true running accuracy
  • Less effort when cutting

suitable for

  • Metal, brass, fibreglass, non-ferrous metal, cast iron, aluminium, wood and plastics

Ordering Information

PART NO. Description
50069497SET HSS bi-metal hole saw set ISO 16 to 63 
50125630SET Electro set with countersink 35/68/75 mm 
50292099SET HSS bi-metal hole saw set (830 PG) 
52059292SET HSS bi-metal Elektro II hole saw set 
52059293SET HSS bi-metal universal hole saw set 
52059294SET HSS bi-metal plumbing hole saw set 
52059295SET HSS bi-metal electrical hole saw set