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  • 9e021575-faa2-420d-a58d-24bc10327197

    Compression joint, Al, - barrier version

  • 470b8149-ec6d-45e8-919f-aa485bddd70d

    Compression cable lugs, Al

  • c9a3f308-addc-410a-9ce1-1f1a4939efbc

    Compression cable lugs according to DIN, Al

  • 9e021575-faa2-420d-a58d-24bc10327197

    Compression joint, Al - standard type

  • df2411bf-7558-4a89-a54e-dd9ef32e5b99

    Compression joint according to DIN, Al

  • 7e3b73ac-10cc-4076-b8c5-1009c2b80a19

    Reducing compression joints, Al, barrier type

  • b9487cf1-e32c-4f63-ab18-c2cf6413b1ce

    Reduction-compression joints, Al  New!

  • 47ec5fa2-e12e-40b1-ba37-18ea65779ba0

    Compression joint according to DIN, Al, full tension

  • b5f16bac-55f9-49a8-adda-3890ce7e693f

    Compression joint according to DIN, Al/St