Klauke Solutions For Panel Builders

7 September 2023

Nowadays electrical control panels play a vital role in the world’s industrial systems. They ensure that all electrical setups, devices, and machines are efficiently and safely controlled and monitored. Cut, strip, crimp, punch – repeat. That’s what you can expect daily when working as a power panel builder. Electrical control panel design, building and assembly is a complex job, so quality tools are a must if you want the job to run smoothly. Luckily, Klauke offers a pro-package of innovative tools that guarantee control, safety and reliability.

Let’s discover the impressive Klauke solutions for Panel Builders

Cutting Solutions

All Klauke cutting tools are suitable for a broad range of applications, materials or cross-sections. They feature next-generation features, for extra safety and ease of use. For fine and superior copper conductors use the Klauke ES 32 FML cutting tool; for multistrand copper and aluminum conductors use the Klauke ES 32 ML cutting tool, while the Klauke ESM 50 tool saves you time when cutting copper and aluminium cables, thanks to its innovative opening mechanism.

                          Klauke ES 32 ML                                                                   Klauke ESM 50

Stripping Solutions

For wire stripping operations, the Klauke K43/3K43/2 and K43/2U are the ideal, light and ergonomic tools you want to use. Thanks to the integral anti-pinching protection, all Klauke stripping tools are extra safe to work with and guarantee a long service life.

Crimping Solutions

Over the years we researched and developed an optimum solution for overcoming the challenge of crimping the entire range of cables encountered in control panels. Whether we talk about mechanical, electromechanical, battery-powered or hand-operated hydraulic crimping tools, all Klauke crimping solutions give you the peace of mind so much needed. Panel building normally involves the use of different cables, terminals and cable end sleeves. The three Klauke crimping tools EK 50 ML, EK 30 ID ML and EK WF 120 ML provide you access to a package of solutions for the entire application range of cable types and cross-sections. 


                                  EK WF 120 ML                                                       EK 50 ML                                                                   EK 30 ID ML

- Klauke EK 50 ML electromechanical crimping tool features a PowerSense function which combines the benefits of manual crimping pliers with the convenience of battery-powered hydraulic crimping tools.

"Klauke Micro provides excellent crimping results with minimum effort. 💪" - @celt83        

- Klauke EK30 IDML is the perfect tool when you want to crimp a wide area at the cable lugs with little expenditure. The head of the tool is designed such that only cable lugs can be crimped that fit into the tool based on their form and size. The design protects the user from potential misapplications.

Klauke EKWF 120 ML crimps both DIN-compliant wire ferrules as well as insulated wire ferrules, twin wire ferrules and insulated wire ferrules for short-circuit-protected lines. It features a square-cam mechanism and ensures the same uniform quality based on our new square crimping process. One tool, one system, one geometry: Klauke EKWF 120 ML.

Punching Solutions

Last, but not least, the tools category needed in panel building is the Greenlee punching line. It is extremely reliable, offering fast, clean and accurate burr-free holes.
Both the LS 50 FLEX and LS 100 FLEX battery-powered hydraulic punching tools feature a highly flexible rotating head and balanced centre of gravity for easy handling and effortless operations.

Regardless of the job site, material and cross-section: Klauke offers tested and certified tools that ensure a safe and secure job in panel building applications.