Cutting without risk – with the ASSG safety cutting device

4 June 2021
Safety first! This principle applies, above all, when cutting power cables. Not merely because Section 6(2) of the accident prevention regulations on “Electrical systems and equipment” states that isolation must be established prior to starting cutting – danger to persons must always be prevented.

However, in everyday work, it is not always easy to determine whether or not an earthed cable has indeed been isolated. That being said, in such cases, safety cutting units such as the ASSG can be used to prevent these dangers. This has a remote control and a 10 m safety hydraulic hose to ensure maximum safety in case of emergency. Of course, the quality has been scrupulously tested:

Safety cutting units from Klauke undergo der DGUV Test (BG) – a test and certification system provided by the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance). The DGUV mark is a voluntary mark that stands for high quality and safety.  Safety cutting units are tested on the basis of “GS-ET 23, Principles of testing and certification for motor-operated cable cutters” and represent a higher safety standard than a simple manufacturer's declaration of conformity. With this declaration the manufacturer proves that its product meets the requirements of the DGUV test, however, testing by the test and certification body does not take place. Klauke strongly advises against the use of such units as only a certified inspection according to GS-ET 23 guarantees a safe cutting unit for you and your employees!

ASSG safety cutting devices