• Equipped with 22 mainly VDE-tested tools
  • Robust version with plastic slide rails and upper metal rails with sponge rubber handle
  • Adjustable carrying belt with quick-release fastener and shoulder pad
  • Outdoor connections: 1 large lockable label pocket, 9 pockets, 2 Velcro® for fastening spirit level etc., indoor connections: 3 slots, 14 loops

Ordering Information

PART NO. Description Dimensions mm Weight kg
KL920B22 OEM bag, 22-piece  350 x 200 x 200  2,6 
Scope of delivery
PART NO. Description
KL020180IS VDE Power combination pliers, 180 mm 
KL040160IS VDE Side cutter, 160 mm 
KL050205IS VDE long-nose pliers, straight, 205 mm 
KL10010030IS VDE flat head screwdriver, 3.0 x 0.5 mm 
KL10010040IS VDE flat head screwdriver, 4.0 x 0.8 mm 
KL10012555IS VDE flat head screwdriver, 5.5 x 1.0 mm 
KL120PZ1IS VDE Pozidriv screwdriver, PZ1 
KL120PZ2IS VDE Pozidriv screwdriver, PZ2 
KL130PM1IS VDE Plus/Minus Pozidriv screwdriver, Z1 
KL130PM2IS VDE Plus/Minus Pozidriv screwdriver, Z2 
KL19073IS Phase tester with heavy duty handle, one-pin, VDE 0680 150V - 250V 
KL402 Wooden folding rule, 2 m 
KL420200 Control cabinet spirit level, 200 mm 
KL449 Carpenter's pencil 
KL550 Universal saw 
KL580300 Engineer's hammer, 300 g 
KL585250 Electrician's chisel, 250 mm 
KL745HK Cable knife with hooked blade 
KL760180IS Automatic VDE wire stripper 0.2 - 6 mm²