With Klauke you're on the safe side

8 April 2021

Safety is one of the most important aspects in all areas of life. It starts with the morning commute to work, is part of our everyday (working) lives and we only stop thinking about it when we've gone to bed. Klauke sets the highest standards for safety and quality for its employees and customers, just as is laid down in one of the seven values of Klauke's parent company, Emerson .

Klauke supports its employees by providing safety clothing for production, regular safety briefings and appropriate safety precautions. Of course, that's not all, because the idea of safety goes beyond the internal walls.

How does Klauke support its customers in the area of safety?

  • On top of this, one of Klauke's principles is the system concept. Be on the safe side with a tool from Klauke, the correct Klauke application and the right Klauke connecting materials. Everything perfectly coordinated.

Klauke is happy to provide you with support and advice based on your individual needs.

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