Congratulations on passing your exam!

12 February 2019

Klauke is aware of its responsibility to provide vocational training to young people and then give them a professional perspective.

Our goal is for our trainees to mature into independent specialists, who are fully employable and who can pass on their newly-acquired knowledge.

At Klauke, there is a host of ways for shaping your future at the company. All departments like their staff to work on their own initiative.

At the start of the year, a total of five trainees (M/F) - one electronics technician for industrial engineering, two industrial clerks, one toolmaker and one machinist - successfully completed their training. All five young colleagues were transferred to different teams within our company.

We would like to congratulate our former trainees on passing their final examinations. We are pleased with the good results and look forward to continuing our collaboration. We wish them every success in the future!

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