Sustainable energy supply - not an issue that can wait until tomorrow

15 December 2020
Sustainability and the responsible use of energy are already relevant today. With this as its guiding premise, Klauke has invested in part of its Remscheid site and installed a new compressed air station in the remodelled production hall "Auf dem Knapp 26". The combination of compressors with integrated heat recovery, energy-saving dryers and a higher-level compressor control system together with other built-in modules now makes it possible to use 96 % of the energy used of approx. 60,000 kW/h per year to heat the production hall.

Furthermore, the heat recovery of the compressor system was coupled with the heating system and supplies the 800 L buffer tank of the heating system all year round. The maximum usable energy for this is approx. 42,000 kW/h p.a.

The higher-level control system regulates and monitors the compressors so that the required pressure in the plant is optimally provided at all times and always at the currently most energy-efficient operating point. In addition, each system component can be monitored in real time using the user interface and messages about deviations or malfunctions can be sent to in-house and external service personnel immediately via an email server. 

Of course, the employees also benefit, as they work in a significantly improved environment thanks to the high-performance filter for separating residual oil aerosols that is also integrated.

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