Best performance by "far"

20 April 2021
To ensure that you are also exposed to as few dangers as possible in your everyday working life, the issue of safety is also a top priority for Klauke when developing new products. The battery-powered hydraulic cutting tools ESG105RMCCFM (for cables with max. 105 mm dia.) and the ESG65RMCCFM (for cables with max. 65 mm dia.) have also been developed to protect you.      

The first remote-controlled cable cutters with genuine end-position control for a safe result were developed in close cooperation with professionals from the utilities sector to find a method for safely cutting electrical cables. This is because, in contrast to above-ground power distribution systems, underground systems cannot always be traced and therefore voltage-free condition is not always guaranteed. In this case, it's better to have enough distance to the cutting site, since the flying sparks when cutting a cable that is still under tension can apply an enormous force.      

And this is how the "distance" safest cutting works:     

  • Open the cutting head, attach it to the cable to be cut and close the cutting head again.  
  • Safely position the tool  
  • Connect the remote control to the tool via Bluetooth and and move up to 70 metres away  
  • The integrated LEDs on the remote control show the current connection status of the tool and inform about the cutting process at any time  
  • Thanks to the patented end position detection of the cutting knives, the tool continuously checks the position of the knives. If these completely overlap, a cut confirmation is transmitted in optical and acoustic form    

As well as this, the tools convince users with the well-known advantages of the Klauke Next Generation Tools, such as Bluetooth and the i-press app, for example.

Good to know: Both tools can also be used as normal cable cutters when the hotstick holder is not attached.