Dual programme in mechanical engineering

In partnership with Bochum University (Velbert/Heiligenhaus campus) or the University of Wuppertal and the Industry Vocational Training Centre (BZI) in Remscheid, we offer a dual study programme in mechanical engineering. The contents of the course and the vocational part in the company are perfectly coordinated. You are in the company's employ throughout your training and study period. Allowing you to apply what you have learned in a practical environment.

Training period
The dual study programme lasts 4 or 4 1/2 years. Once you pass, you will not only have attained a Bachelor's degree, you will also have a vocational qualification in a metal-processing trade (e.g. industrial or tool mechanic). At the end of the fourth semester, you will sit the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) examination. This gives you your first vocational qualification. The last four semesters are devoted to your studies.

You will already have the following in your portfolio
Besides manual skills and good powers of spatial imagination, you should be above-average in your commitment and open-mindedness. You are communicative, flexible, team-orientated and reliable. A basic understanding of business rounds out your profile. You will also have left school with good 'A' levels. In particular, you have good marks in the technical and scientific subjects, as well as a sound knowledge of English and IT.

And after the Bachelor's degree
This qualification creates a host of opportunities in an international environment. Naturally, it is in our interest that you take such opportunities. Courses with a Master’s examination can also be taken at various technical colleges and universities.

When and how can you apply? 
An application that reaches us between eight and twelve months in advance of the dual study programme will stand a good chance. We look forward to receiving your informative application, preferably using the Online Form or by email to [email protected].


Ms Judith Kumbruch
Specialist Talent Acquisition & Development
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