Donating tools to the Vocational Training Centre

14 October 2019

Klauke tools worth around 32,600 euros have been donated to the Industrial Vocational Training Centre (BZI) in Remscheid.

Last Wednesday we were honoured to hand over our donation in the form of Klauke tools to the Industrial Vocational Training Centre (BZI). Our donation package includes 20 different tools, consisting of manual tools and a battery-powered hydraulic system. This means that all 60 workstations can be equipped, especially in the electrical training workshop; screwdrivers and side cutters are, of course, standard equipment here.

Professional tools are not only the bread and butter tools for daily use, but also for good training. In order to enable the trainees of the BZI to work with the most modern tool technology at an early stage, our donation includes, among other things, modern crimping tongs which are used today during the installation technology of electrical systems and machines.

On a long-term partnership: That was far from everything

In the future, trainees of the BZI will receive regular training in the correct handling of our Klauke tools in our company. For us as a company, handing over these tools is not just a donation - it is the beginning of a long-term partnership!

As a symbol of our cooperation, the new BZI building will have its own Klauke area in which trainees will be specifically trained in how to use our modern tools. Of course, trainees will walk away with a certificate after successful participation.

Training in electrical engineering is fit for the future and an issue that is close to our hearts! It facilitates development in various directions, e.g. as a specialist in the fields of electrical energy or e-mobility.

BZI and Klauke – a perfect connection

From now on our tools are in use and we are looking forward to start training soon.