UK Apprenticeship Week 2023

3 February 2023

The UK Apprenticeship Week is an event that takes place in the United Kingdom yearly, since 2007. This year the event got to its 16th edition and it is organized between February 6th and 12th under the theme "Skills For Life". The UK Apprenticeship Week is organized by "Amazing Apprenticeships", a group of experts in apprenticeships and technical education which focuses to ensure that more individuals and businesses can access the benefits of apprenticeships. We support and motivate young people who decide to pursue a career in skilled trades. Throughout the years we met and spoke to various apprentices active in the electrical field and now we are excited to share with you some details related to their careers.

Nick, @nlbselectrical, always wanted to do something practical and he wanted to learn a trade. He got into the electric field after he had an electrician doing some maintenance work in his flat. He entered an apprenticeship program and loved every moment of the training. Nick describes his apprenticeship experience as tiring, interesting, but all in all enjoyable, and he doesn’t see himself doing something else than electrical work in the future.

Nick's advice for somebody who considers following a career in trades:

"Do it. Don’t look back. Even if you don’t like it, you’ve lost nothing. Oh, and find a decent mentor who teaches and challenges you. It’s just a bonus if they’re a laugh to work with."

You can find Nick on Instagram, @nlbselectrical, where he posts challenges, but also rewards of his daily jobs as an electrician.

Michael, @apprentice_electrical_, is 22 years old and is in the 4th year of level 3 electrical apprenticeship. He studied electronics in college and that’s how he chose to follow a career in the electrical field. Michael describes his apprenticeship program as initiative, hardworking, but fully rewarding. In the future, Michael dreams of joining the Royal Engineers as an electrician and do all the military side of electrical installation. We wish him the best of luck!

Michael’s advice for somebody who considers following a career in trades:

"To anyone who's thinking of getting an apprenticeship in the trades: go for it. It’s rewarding, you'll learn a lot of skills most people won't know how to do, as well as making new friends and most have the opportunities to work all over the world."

You can find Michael on Instagram, @apprentice_electrical_, where he posts more details related to his daily activity as an electrician.

A skill thoroughly learned and practiced is a career for a lifetime. We encourage all young people who struggle with career choices to say yes to all opportunities and go "all in" in a skilled trades field.

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