Tester Campaign Testimonial - EK30IDML

28 April 2023

The professional package for panel building construction is formed out of the Klauke EKWF120ML and EK30IDML battery-powered hydraulic crimping tools. They can be easily used to crimp quickly and safely without changing inserts. Interested in discovering more feedback from the job site? We are excited to share with you the testimonials of three Klauke testers from Instagram
who already put the EK30IDML tool to work. Happy reading!

Felix @wahlfe

Why did you apply to become a tester?

I met Peter Nowak from Klauke at the #LUSTAUFHANDWERK 2021 event in Berlin, and he introduced me to Klauke's battery-powered hydraulic pressing and cutting machines. When I saw that Klauke testers were being sought, I thought I should definitely apply to become a tester.

Did the tool make your everyday work easier? Which features are particularly worth mentioning?

Yes, definitely. The compact design and easy handling made the EK30IDML a great help on some construction sites.

Do you use other Klauke products? If so, which ones?

Yes, a K05, the EK50ML and, of course, a lot of consumables such as wire end ferrules, cable lugs and connectors.

Christian @elektrotechnik_gallob

Why did you apply to be a tester?

I applied to be a tester because I follow the motto "Work smart, not hard". Every new tool that makes my everyday work, or the work itself, easier, gets my interest. The offer to keep the press was tempting too, because of the regular purchase price. We have to be honest about that.

Did the tool make your everyday work easier? Which features are particularly worth mentioning?

I have been using the EK60UNV-L since 2004 when I started my own business. As already mentioned in the type designation, this hydraulic tool can be used universally - in my case for crimping cable lugs and wire end ferrules from 70mm², round crimping sector conductors and cutting top-hat rails. The big advantages of the EK30IDML over the EK60UNV-L are, on one hand, the size and weight and speed on the other hand. I have to crimp a 120mm² cable lug four times with the EK60UNV-L, while with the  EK30IDML this is done with one crimp.

Are there other Klauke products in use? If so, which ones?

I recently purchased the EKWF120ML crimper. This press tool is THE ANSWER to all my problems.
Previously, the ferrules were pressed asymmetrically (trapezoid) and didn’t fit into terminals - all this is history with the EKWF120ML! I can also only report positive things about my beloved Klauke Micro - I have certainly been spared one or the other tendonitis here - not to mention the workflow.

Christian @Haus_und_Hof_Elektriker

Why did you apply to be a tester?

I wanted to see how much time and work could be saved by not having to change the press inserts.

Did the tool make your everyday work easier? Which features were particularly noteworthy?

Yes, it has. In my case, with pressings of 50 and 95mm², the tool has mainly increased time and labour savings without having to change inserts and carry or lose press inserts. In addition, it is a light crimping tool, even for quick work in between.

Do you use any other Klauke products? If yes, which ones?

Yes, there are several Klauke products I use such as ES 105 Cutting Tool, K05, Ultra ESG 50 (older model), Mini EKM 60/22 (the year 2014), Ultra EK 60/22 and several press inserts.

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