- Klauke apprentices involved in STEM education

9 January 2023

Nowadays the world is going through continuous digital transformation. For almost all our daily activities, there's an app meant to make our life easier and stress-free. That's why we support kids learning about digital media and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) from a young age.

From November 2022 to this month, six Klauke apprentices are taking part in a project run by ROCKID e.V. The project aims to teach schoolchildren how to tackle technology and how to use devices like tablets and laptops. Furthermore, the trainees teach children about the legal rights to photos and videos taken on these devices, how browsers and apps work and which child-friendly search engine alternatives exist. At the end of the project, they also plan to remotely control a robot.


During the first lessons, children learned all about the functions of an iPad camera and how to easily edit pictures and import pictures. The next lessons focused on the internet: what it is, what devices they can connect to the internet and how to safely browse search engines to find the needed information. The students also worked on different modules on the website internet-abc to better understand the topic.

Last, but not least, all the focus was on the DASH robot. The students learned to control it via an app and control the robot through parkour. Some students have already had experiences with technical devices, but for many, these lessons were completely new.

We were curious to see what our Klauke trainees think about the project, so we asked them a few questions.

What was your impression of the project?

Kimberly G.

"As the project is coming to an end now, I believe it was a nice experience to be a part of. The students were very excited about the program, and we were able to get everyone interested in the different lessons we had. It's a good thing because, at the age when students are gradually getting more and more involved with the Internet, they must be educated about their privacy and rights."

Tanja D.

"The project is not finished yet, but so far I found it very exciting. On one hand, it is exciting for the children, who experienced a very interesting and contemporary form of teaching. On the other hand, we as trainees learned to speak up in front of the class, had to prepare for the lessons and learned how to deal with children of that age."

What did you enjoy the most?

Kimberly G.

"Everything was fun. The best part was seeing that the children were so curious to see what exactly we were doing. Plus, they participated very well each time and showed a lot of interest."

Bojan B.

"I personally enjoyed the interaction with the kids and the visible progress after several lessons. Most of all, it was nice seeing the happiness of the kids as well as the gratefulness of the teachers."

Would you participate in a project like this again?

Kimberly G.

"Definitely. I always enjoy working with other people. In this case, teaching the children many new things was very important."

Kimberly S.

"I would do the project again as it is a good thing for the kids."

Bojan B.

"I would do the project again because I personally enjoyed a lot the interaction with the children."

Tanja D.

"I would also like to be in a project like this again because it was a lot of fun for us and for the children."


We are happy that our apprentices enjoyed this project and had fun teaching the children digital things very important nowadays.