Cable retraction made easy: It's all about the tape!

31 January 2023
Anyone who has ever pulled cables into pipes knows that this is a job that can be tricky! The most common sticking point is the cable retractable tape. Either the cables are difficult to guide through bends and corners due to high friction, or where there are cables already, it's too tight. Or the tape becomes permanently deformed when force is applied and may even break, rendering it unusable.

The good news is there's a way for it to be simpler and more elegant! Thanks to Greenlee polyester tapes, typical problems with retracting cables are no longer an issue. This is due to the fact they're very soft and smooth compared to other materials. In this way, cables can be guided easily and safely around corners and through bends. Even if there are already cables in the pipe, polyester tapes make your work easy and efficient thanks to their exceptionally smooth surface.

Passes through everywhere and does not break: It's the Greenlee polyester tape!

Every time a little more force is required to guide the cable retraction tape through the pipe, there's a risk that we all know only too well: With standard materials, the retraction tape can permanently buckle or even break. If the user pulls hard, this almost automatically bends the tape in one direction.

Polyester tape is clearly the superior alternative here since it's virtually indestructible. It doesn't buckle either as it has no memory effect. Especially for those who like to give it a go themselves and DIY experts of all kinds, polyester tape is recommended as an optimal working material in any situation. Whether for retrofitting or new construction with many corners and bends – polyester tape passes through everywhere easily!

Work safely just like the pros: With system technology from Klauke

With tools and materials from Klauke, the user can, as always, rely on the system advantage. From suitable cable drums to lubricants, we have everything you need. The spring guide head is highly recommended. It compensates for the typical rotations that occur when the cable is guided through the pipes, so that the cable retractable is not twisted as much.

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