International Electrician Day

10 June 2023

Let’s have a look around us. Is there anything we can do without electricity? From lighting and home appliances we need daily, to healthcare, education, hospitality, transportation, industry and work of almost any kind – everything requires electricity.

Yes, electricity is an essential part of modern life and an important factor in today’s world's well-being. Therefore, it is also highly important to recognize and honour those who help us have easy, safe and secure access to electricity – electricians. These skilled technicians install, maintain or repair our electrical systems, making sure all residential and commercial electrical settings run smoothly. 

The International Electrician Day was established in 1986 and it is celebrated annually on June 10th. The date was not chosen randomly, it commemorates the death of the outstanding scientist André Marie Ampère (1775-1836), a French physicist and mathematician, famous for his discoveries in the fields of magnetism, electromagnetism and electricity.

We asked a few electricians to give us a short quote on what they like the most about their job and what are their plans for International Electrician Day. Now we are happy to share with you a few of the replies.


What do you like the most about your job?

"Working with good tools and cool material from Klauke" - @robin_r97

"Bringing the light into the dark" - @elektrikergirl

"Fascination of self-sufficient customers." - @cenergy.nord

"The tools. 🤤 😇" - @elektrotechnik_gallob


How do you plan to spend the International Electrician Day?

"Bachelorette party of an electrician friend. ❤️ " - @elektrikergirl

"Learning for my exam as master of electrical engineering." -


International Electrician Day is the best occasion to honour, appreciate and praise all the hard-working men and women in the electricity field.

Here’s our message to all of you: "Thank you for lighting up our life!"