Installation of wind turbines with Klauke products

11 July 2023

Wind energy is one of the renewable energy sources and plays a leading role in the generation of green electricity. A total of 28,230 onshore and 1,501 offshore wind turbines are located in Germany alone (as of 2021). The total installed capacity (onshore and offshore) in 2021 was approximately 63,924 megawatts, that means 23% of German electricity production (see source Advantages of wind energy include sustainability, job creation and steadily increasing efficiency.

High safety requirements apply to the installation of wind turbines. Therefore, compliance with appropriate quality criteria is essential for both the material and the electrical connections.

When it comes to safe and reliable cable connections, Klauke has had proven expertise for more than 60 years. From development and design to customized solutions, manufacturing and services, Klauke is the industry leader in connection materials and tools for the electrical industry.

For the various electrotechnical components in a wind turbine, Klauke offers exactly the right tools and the corresponding Klauke connecting material. Regardless of whether you are connecting the generator, the panel cabinet or the transformer.

Panel cabinet

For panel cabinet installation, you will need for example the following products:



To install the generator, Klauke offers you, among others, these products:

EKM60/ID, EK60VP/FTEKM60/22.


Transformer installation you will succeed with the following products:

EKM60ID, EKM60/22EK120/42.


More information and products for wind turbine installations can be found here: