5 Klauke Christmas Gifts Ideas

2 December 2022

December is here and slowly, but steadily we are getting into a festive mood. Sometimes, while checking the list of Christmas chores, the gifts section comes with lots of thinking. “Did I get the right gift?” “Is this appropriate for Christmas?” “Is this gift going to be useful?”
Let us spare you all these headaches! We may not be experts in gifts, but we are definitely experts in tools. As tools are the best gift one can buy for a professional in trades, we are happy to share these Klauke Christmas gifts perfect for an electrician.

So let’s deck the halls with boughs of holly and quickly add these cool Klauke gifts under the Christmas tree.

1. A Klauke K 507 WF Crimping Tool

The Klauke K 507 WF Crimping Tool is the latest addition to the Klauke product range. It is small and features a ratchet for consistently controlled crimping results. The Klauke K 507 WF has interchangeable crimping dies for wire and sleeves, these dies being suitable also for Klauke Micro. Simple and fun, Christmas can come!

2. A Klauke Micro

Klauke Micro is the tool every electrician needs to have in the working van. It combines the benefits of manual crimping tools with the convenience of battery-powered hydraulic crimping tools. This is definitely a unique present that will bring a smile to an electrician’s face.

3. A Klauke Orange Tool

The idea of safety and care is always appropriate for Christmas. Therefore, the Klauke Orange product line offers a great variety of crimping and cutting tools suitable when working on potentially live cables. Safety is a choice we make, but also something we can offer as a gift this Christmas season. Fa la la la la, la la la la.

4. A Klauke EK30IDML Crimping Tool

Smaller. Easier. Simple. All these words describe perfectly the Klauke EK30IDML crimping tool. This innovative tool is a perfect gift and guarantees a blue, blue, blue Christmas.

5. Klauke Gear Items

When it comes to Christmas gifts, clothing is always a very good idea. From head to toe, the Klauke Gear webshop has a wide offering of clothing ideas like socks, gloves, pullovers and jackets. Now let us tell you a secret, we’ve heard that Santa’s helpers wear a Klauke Nike hoodie this holiday season. Now it’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

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