CNC Turning Center 2023

9 February 2023
A great start to 2023: modernization at the beginning of the year

To keep the production facility technically up-to-date, Gustav Klauke GmbH has recently invested in a double turning center with 48 tool stations and 4-axis simultaneous machines. Thanks to the three 16X/Y/Z turrets and 11 CNC-programmable Aachens, together with the integrated Collision Avoidance System (CAS), it is now easier for the operator to load the machine, so throughput times are shorter.


The Collision Avoidance System gives an early error warning if something is not right with the machine, or the parts produced. This feature is very beneficial and helps in improving product quality.

In addition to product innovation and quality, customer support is one of our key focuses.

With this recent investment in machinery we are glad we managed to raise our standards even higher while offering a better service for our customers.

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