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30 March 2023
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Klauke is the market leader in battery-powered hydraulic tools. We bring innovation to the electrical market and we continuously work on providing you with the best solutions for your job site needs.

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We are constantly sharing with our community news from the field and local content from around the world. This way, you can discover different tool applications, but also tips and tricks from your peers in just a few clicks.

- Campaign News

By becoming a subscriber, you are the first to find out about our Tool Tester Campaigns.

In 2022 the tool-tester campaign had in the spotlight the EKWF120ML, EK30IDML and EK50ML. Our customers tested these tools for a limited period of time and they kept the tools at the end of the campaign.
Spoiler: The next Tool Tester Campaign is right around the corner!


- Technical News

In our monthly newsletters, we provide you with informative technical reports that will help you do your job in the most effective way.

- Raffles

If you are part of our Newsletter community, you benefit from great raffles. In 2022 we gave away three K 507 WF, one EK50ML and cool Gear items! Subscribe to our newsletter and don't miss the next raffle!


- Events

We have regular road/tradeshows, demo days and support open house activities which are announced in our newsletter. Meeting our representatives face-to-face, testing our latest innovations or getting your questions answered on the spot, wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t know when to be where.

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