A week on the road with Peter Nowak

6 January 2023

Peter Nowak, our Customer Training Specialist, is part of the Klauke team for almost 9 years now. Peter is very active; when he's not in the Klauke Training Center in Remscheid, he's either travelling to train customers and business partners or in front of the camera, getting ready for an Instagram live session. As he does so many things, his working days and weeks are very diverse. Curious about what a working week looks like for an expert tools trainer? Let's have a look over one of Peter's working weeks in August.


On Monday the main event on the agenda was a @klauke.deutschland Instagram Live. These Instagram Live sessions take place every month, at 7:00 pm. Peter's home office, from where he streams the live sessions, looks like a workshop, full of tools, ferrules, cable lugs, catalogues and posters. With the new K 507 WF crimping tool in focus, Peter defined the schedule of the live video and carefully labelled all the tools, and ferrules he needed. At 7:00 pm, the Instagram Live video started. It was a total success and a lucky participant won a Klauke K 507 WF at the end of the session. How exciting!



The next day, Peter packed all the tools he used for the Instagram Live Video and loaded his car, getting it ready for a trip to Lübeck, Germany. Approximately 190 kg of tools were packed and prepared for the next day's trip. The rest of the day was filled with regular tasks and planning for the next day's training.



On Wednesday, Peter travelled to Lübeck together with Florian Hensel, one of our colleagues in the German sales team. Usually, product trainings are held for 5 - 10 people and the topics are discussed individually with the customer. Usually, the topics "Copper connection technology", "Aluminum connection technology" and "Wire end ferrules" are the most requested ones. This training was held for the internal sales team and the customers of Adalbert Zajadacz and the focus was on the new K 507 WF crimping tool and the EK WF 120 ML battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool. As the training was over, Peter packed up the tools while Florian answered all the questions. As the day was not over, they travelled 50 km further to Oldenburg, in Holstein, to a vocational training center that also wanted Klauke training.



On Thursday, Peter and Florian were back in Lübeck to attend the Zajadacz ToolTech trade fair and meet all companies which were part of the exhibition. The fair was an exclusive one, only for the Zajadacz customers. The day ended with a well-deserved BBQ dinner and networking.



On Friday, Peter traveller to Heinsberg, at the Elektro Jansen company, together with Christian Herzog, another colleague from the German sales team. The training was held for 65 employees and the main topics discussed were "copper connecting material" and "wire end ferrules". We were not surprised by the WOW reaction on all the participants' faces when they saw the 1,000 mm² compression cable lug. This cable lug is shown during almost all training sessions and it brings the same enthusiastic reaction all the time.


As Friday evening was there, Peter went home to get ready for the weekend. It was very nice to see what Peter's working week looked like, and we hoped he had a great and relaxing weekend.