Top Klauke Tools you need to have in the Van

21 November 2023

As an electrician, you spend most of your days in between job sites. Sometimes your van is your office. As efficiency is always key, you need to have tools you can always rely on. The essential electrician’s tool kit hasn’t changed a lot over the years, but van or tool bag space is always limited, so your tools need to be compact and highly versatile.

Working in the electricity field requires a lot of focus and attention to details. Therefore, your van and everything around you should be fairly organized, so you can fully concentrate on the job itself. A tidy van and a fully equipped toolbox at hand guarantee your peace of mind and will help you get through the day faster, easier and more efficiently.

Here’s a list of essential Klauke tools that every electrician needs to have in the van.

A Klauke Wire Stripping Tool

All Klauke wire stripping tools are lightweight, ergonomic and feature a very long service life. Klauke K43/2U is suitable for 4 - 16 mm² application-specific cable types in machinery and plant construction, wind farms, robotics, eMobility and marine and even shipbuilding, railways and rail traffic. Klauke K43/3 has a stripping range of 0.03 - 16 mm² and is ideal for damage-free stripping of solid and fine-stranded conductors with PVC.


Klauke VDE Pliers And Cutters

All Klauke hand tools have been designed with safety and reliability in mind. Therefore, we offer a wide range of VDE pliers, combination pliers and cutters. They are suitable for cutting soft wires, like copper, and aluminium, medium-hard wires like nails, and wire nails and hard wires like wire cable, and steel wire. Discover all VDE tools and choose your future everyday job site companion.


Cable lugs, cable connectors and cable end sleeves

Thanks to the Klauke system, you can be sure that your connection will withstand any load. You can choose from an impressive range of tubular cable lugs, compression cable lugs, solderless terminal connectors and conductors in different sizes and materials, suitable for a very broad range of applications. Plus, the Klauke offering includes cable end sleeves for fine and superfine-stranded conductors.

In case you find it difficult to choose the right connection system for the job, contact us and we will offer our full support.

Klauke Crimping Tools

Whether you choose a mechanical or a battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool, Klauke has your back with a wide range of innovative tools which offer high-quality results all the time. The Klauke EK WF 120 ML (6 – 120 mm²) battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool offers ingenious square (comb) pressing and it doesn’t require any change of crimping dies. It’s suitable for (insulated) cable end sleeves and (insulated) twin-cable end sleeves. The EK 30 ID ML (6 – 120 mm²) battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool features indent crimping and is very well suited for compacted conductors, especially for fine strand conductors according to DIN VDE 60228.

Klauke Cutting Tools

No matter which material or cross sections you want to cut, all Klauke cutting tools ensure you work simply, quickly and safely. Whether you choose a mechanical or a battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool, cutting success is guaranteed.

Klauke Universal Tools

If you want a tool that covers multiple applications, choose a Klauke universal tool. The newest Klauke micro with intuitive PowerSense function combines the benefits of manual crimping plier K 507 WF with the convenience of battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool. Klauke Micro features a one-button operating concept for controlling all tool functions. There are various inserts for the Micro that can be easily changed:

  • Crimping dies for cable end-sleeves, 0.5 - 10 mm², 10 - 25 mm² and 35 - 50 mm²
  • Crimping die for twin cable end-sleeves 2 x 6 - 2 x 16 mm²
  • Cutting die for Knotted chains, multi-stranded round conductors, e.g. to EN 60228 Cl. 2, copper rails up to 3 mm x 10 mm and steel ropes and similar materials up to 3 mm
  • Crimping die for insulated connector 0.5 - 6 mm²


Never forget, next to high-quality tools, safety comes always first! When you are on the job site, always act with safety in mind. Wear PPE equipment and take caution over hazards and other possible incidents or accidents.

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