Day of Trade - Insight into the Work of an Electrician

16 September 2023

We interviewed Annika (@elektrikergirl) for the Day of Trade. Annika is 21 and completed her training as an electronics technician for energy and building technology 2.5 years ago. She currently works in a company in Kleve that employs around 60 people.

Learn more about Annika and her life as an electrician in the interview below.

Did you always want to take up a trade or did you only decide on it later? Did you do an apprenticeship?

I always knew that I wanted to do something skilled, because I was always on construction sites from an early age. The specialisation then actually came about by accident. I completed an apprenticeship as an electronics technician for energy and building technology.

Meanwhile, I love my job so much that last year I actually got a tattoo of a light bulb 😊

How do people react when you tell them that you work in a trade?

Most people are amazed that I'm an electronics technician and think that's cool. Most of them also say that they could never do that, having so much to do with electricity.

Have you considered starting your own business at some point?

Yes, I've often thought about starting my own business or becoming a 'foreman'. Since my father works for himself in the PV industry, I know what it means to be self-employed. But in the long run it would be too much stress for me.

What does a working day look like in your life? Do you mainly work alone or with colleagues?

A typical working day for me generally goes like this: I drive to work in the morning, load up the materials with my colleagues, and then it's off to the construction site. Since I currently work as a Site Manager, I tell my colleagues on site what tasks are due and who should do what. Afterwards, I usually do manual activities myself or sometimes a bit of paperwork. Most of the time I'm on the road with one apprentice, but it could also be several colleagues. I also work alone from time to time, especially when the apprentice is at their lessons.

Which Klauke tools do you use and how often?

EK50ML, EKWF120ML and if things have to be done quickly, then the K30/6K.

Do you have message to people who want to start working in a trade or even as an electrician?

Trade work is important because everyone needs a trade worker at some point, even the most highly paid solicitor. At the end of the day, you can see what you have done/created, even if it's "only" a beautiful lamp.

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